• Orange Or Lemon Jelly

    Posted in on the 18th July, 2014

    2 1/2 c Orange juice OR 2 1/2 cups lemon juice 6 c Sugar 1 Bottle fruit pectin Grate orange or lemon rind. Add juice and let stand 10 minutes. Press juice through a thin cloth. Add sugar. Mix thoroughly. Heat rapidly to boiling. Add fruit pectin at once. Stir constantly before and while boiling. […]

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  • Ripe Plum Jelly

    Posted in on the 5th July, 2014

    4 c Juice 1/2 Bottle fruit pectin 7 1/2 c Sugar 1 c Water Use only fully ripened fruit. Wash fruit. Do not peel or pit. Crush thoroughly. Add water. Stir until mixture boils. Cover and simmer 10 minutes. Drain through jelly bag. Measure juice and sugar into a large kettle. Stir. Heat rapidly to […]

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  • Carbonated Beverage Jelly

    Posted in on the 3rd July, 2014

    3/4 c Carbonated beverage 3 c Sugar 3/4 c Water 1/2 Bottle fruit pectin Combine sugar, beverage, and water. Mix. Heat rapidly to boiling. Add fruit pectin at once. Stir constantly before and while boiling. Heat to full rolling boil. Boil hard 1/2 minute. Remove from fire. Skim. The Household Searchlight

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  • Tenderloin Steaks with Pepper Jelly Sauce

    Posted in on the 28th June, 2014

    16809&” />Ingredients4eachtenderloin steaks (1 inch thick) 3/4teaspoongarlic salt 3/4teaspoonchili powder 1/2teaspoonblack pepper, coarse grind 1/4teaspooncumin, ground 1/4teaspoondried oregano leaves 1tablespoonolive oil 1/2cupbeef stock 1/4cupbalsamic OR red wine vinegar 2tablespoonjalapeno pepper jelly 1parsley sprigs 1red & green chili peppersDirections: Combine garlic salt, chili powder, pepper, cumin and oregano. Rub over both sides of steaks. Heat oil […]

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  • Sesame Jellyfish

    Posted in on the 27th June, 2014

    1/2 lb Prepared shredded jellyfish 2 ts Light soy sauce 3 tb Sesame oil 2 ts White rice vinegar 2 ts Sugar 3 tb White sesame seeds, toasted RINSE THE JELLYFISH WELL in cold running water and drain. Put it in a stainless steel bowl and cover with boiling water. Let the jellyfish sit in […]

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  • Sweet-Tart Berry Jelly

    Posted in on the 6th June, 2014

    -NPFN03A 1 1/2 oz Diet lemon gelatin (3 env) 1 c -Boiling water 1 c -Cold water 10 oz Frozen sliced strawberries 1/8 ts -Salt *Sweetened, partially thawed. Empty gelatin into boil, pour on boiling water, stir until com- pletely dissolved. Stir in cold water, straw- berries, salt. Mix until berries completely thaw and separate. […]

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